E1079 Power of Accelerators E10: Pioneer Founder Daniel Gross on gamifying the startup process

Daniel Gross, Founder of Pioneer on gamifying the startup process, importance of mentorship in tech & more!

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1:01 Jason intros the final Power of Accelerators guest: Daniel Gross
3:36 What is Pioneer? How are they gamifying the startup process?
9:13 What is the real value of a seasoned mentor?
14:31 What is Pioneer's business model? How do they invest in startups?
18:02 Pioneer's leaderboard, issues with gamification, P2P feedback
29:15 What is Pioneer's corporate structure? What legacy is Daniel striving for?
33:08 Why early-stage is underserved, how Daniel thinks about ownership %
42:50 How early-stage firms get taken advantage of
48:06 Pioneer's advice model, learnings from running a remote-first accelerator
58:50 Post-COVID patterns
1:04:46 Thoughts on major cities post-COVID
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