9 Easy Tips on How to Get More Email Subscribers to Grow Your List

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Are you looking to grow your email list? Smart bloggers know that different tips work for different subscribers. In this video you'll learn 9 powerful tips to get more email subscribers fast.

Create a lead magnet, a lead magnet is an easy to digest or understand piece of information such as a pdf version of one of your articles or an article converted into an infographic in exchange for the user's email address. This could even be an excel or similar sheet to bring value to your visitor.

Hosting a webinar allows you to get your users to communicate with each other and you directly which brings a face to your brand. It helps build that trust and allows you to send the users to your email list.

Add content upgrades to your blog posts which is similar to creating a lead magnet. The difference being a content upgrade you can place inside the posts and pages where you feel relevant.

Create gated content, this means to have some content for your site's visitors to get them started and then require the users to log in to see the rest of your content. This will allow you to collect emails for those who are interested in your site's content.

Hosting a giveaway is another method for gaining user emails, this requires you to select a prize that fits how much you are willing to spend and what prize would be good for your site's audience.

Create an exit intent popup, when people are attempting to leave your site you can show them your most popular blog post or a request to sign up to be notified for future articles. This gives them an additional chance to come back for your content or close the window without one of the annoying popups that prevent navigating away.

Creating a quiz will give you the ability to bring your users through a step by step question process to guide them to the best product or service for their needs.

Offer a coupon if you're an ecommerce store or selling a product. If the users like your product then this is further incentive for them to return to your store.

Use social media to bring value to the communities your site or you are popular with and guide them to your site to answer any questions or problems they have or use it for ideas for new content.

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