E1025 #StartupTuneup P2: 6 co's get feedback from Jason & Dave Samuel (Freestyle Capital) @Founder.U

#StartupTuneup @ Founder.University Part 2!: 6 founders pitch to Jason & Dave Samuel of Freestyle Capital on AI driving assistance, sleep-aid wearables, marijuana, B2B food analytics & more!

1:07 Megan pitches Moment AI (facial recognition software that helps drivers)
3:19 Juan pitches DreamOn (wearable and app that help you fall asleep and sleep better)
5:38 Elissa pitches Fumé (marijuana products)
7:46 Feedback & questions for Cohort 3
19:54 Rankings for Cohort 3
23:38 Stewart pitches EVOLUTIONS (marketplace for financial fitness)
25:34 Nadia pitches Keybee (marketplace for short-term rental support services)
29:21 Riana pitches Journey Foods (service that brings metrics and nutrition tools to improve product development)
31:45 Feedback & questions for Cohort 4
42:49 Rankings for Cohort 4
47:43 Jason & Dave rank the best companies from cohorts 1-4

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