What Web Hosting Company Should I Choose?

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Part of building a kickass website is by choosing your hosting company to serve your domain. How do you know which hosting companies are reliable and which are not? This is an important early step in building your website because you'll want a web host that you can easily depend on that won't cause you problems later down the road.

In this video, you will learn:

* The four criteria to look at in selecting a web host.
* How the applications you will use affects your decision making process.
* What happens when you exceed your bandwidth limits


00:00: Hi there. My name is Lorna Li, and I'm the host of Entrepreneurs for a Change, a web show about evolutionary entrepreneurs who are changing the world and designing lifestyles of their dreams.

00:11: We're going to explore what it takes to build a kick-ass website. One of the most common questions that I come across is what is the best web hosting company to power your business website?

00:23: Now, there are four criteria that I would look at. In terms of selecting a web host.

00:33: The first criteria is, does it have 24/7 live support, either delivered through live chat or by phone? Because there's nothing worst than having your website go down and having to wait for four or more hours for tech support to respond back to your email.

00:49: The second thing I would look at is whether or not that particular web hosting company has servers that are optimized for the particular applications that you are running. So, for example, there are some web hosting companies that have servers that are optimized to host WordPress applications. So if you're hosting or running a WordPress website you might want to look into some of these web hosts or you might want to look into managed WordPress hosting companies as well.

01:22: A third consideration that I would look at would be disk space and bandwidth. So depending on the monthly hosting plan, you want to make sure that you're getting enough disk space and bandwidth to be able to handle the traffic on your website as well as any types of media files that you might be uploading to your website as well because what might happen is if you exceed your bandwidth limits or your disk space limits, you might end up with having your website shutdown or you might end up with the spike in costs that you were not expecting. So I would read the terms of service very clearly in the web hosting package that you choose.

02:11: Another consideration that I would look at would be uptime. Now, every web hosting company has some downtime so to expect your web host to have absolutely no downtime is unrealistic. So, depending on your business needs, some downtime might not affect your business at all. For some large e-commerce sites, having an hour, or even a minute of downtime results in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business.

02:48: So those are four of the main criteria I would look at with regards to choosing the best web hosting company for your business. Thanks a lot for joining us today and I look forward to seeing you next time. For more information about how to build a kick-ass website, please go to entrepreneursforachange.com

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