Top 5 Dividend Stocks I Own For Passive Income Dividend Investing

Today we go over the top 5 dividend stocks I own that I use for my dividend investing. If this video gets 2,222 thumbs up I will fully reveal my dividend only account tomorrow on the channel. In this video i want to share with you what these dividend stocks are so if you interested in dividend investing you can look further into them.

I value a few things when looking at a dividend stock. One is do I see the business increasing overtime with the dividend stock. Next is do they pay a dividend yield over 2% and have a great probability of increasing the dividends over time. Then I look at the income statement, balance sheet, competitors etc etc.

I am not only into dividend investing. I invest in no dividend paying stocks as well. it is nice to own those dividend stocks though as they throw off cash flow to you. That is the beautiful thing about dividend investing and the passive income you acquire from owning them. You can take that passive income and put the money into more dividend stocks to grow the amount of passive income you receive. Who doesn't love some dividend passive income :))

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