E1026: Cocoon Co-Founders Sachin Monga & Alex Cornell on connecting close circles, standout features

Cocoon Co-Founders Sachin Monga & Alex Cornell are building an intimate app to connect close circles, share insights on key standout features, raising money as a messaging app, breeding trust via strong domain names, ideal customers & more

0:57 Jason intros Alex & Sachin
4:46 When and why did they start Cocoon?
6:40 Why did Facebook keep changing their developer tools platform?
9:22 What is the vision for Cocoon and who is it made for?
14:58 How did they get the cocoon.com domain name and why do strong domain names breed trust?
16:57 What are they doing with customer data and how will they monetize?
20:20 Cocoon demo and Alex takes us through some key features
29:45 How difficult was raising money going up against Facebook, iMessage, etc.?
33:04 Who is their ideal customer?
38:35 Building a company in San Francisco vs. outside of it
41:57 Jason tries to invest in Cocoon live on air
47:45 Growing Cocoon in the crowded app store
51:51 Why do Cocoon founders use Notion?
54:37 Jason calls Ben Horowitz

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